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We are pleased to welcome you to our information resource, where you will find a lot of fascinating materials about creating web pages and giving them a stylish appearance. Orfadress is not just a website, it is a place where everyone can immerse themselves in the world of web technologies, expand their knowledge and skills, and find inspiration for their projects.

We focus on teaching the basics of HTML and CSS, the two languages ​​that underpin the creation of any web page. Our goal is to make learning these technologies fun and accessible to everyone. Regardless of whether you are a beginner web developer or already have experience in this field, you are sure to find something useful and interesting with us.

At Orfadress you can dive into the history of HTML and CSS, learn about the latest trends in web design, get advice from seasoned professionals and see various example projects. We strive to create a community of amateurs and professionals in the field of web development, where everyone can share their knowledge and experience.

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About Us

We are a team of enthusiasts united by a common passion for web development and a desire to share our knowledge with the world. Our experts have many years of experience in creating web projects and teaching HTML and CSS technologies. We believe in accessible education and strive to make learning web development fun and understandable for everyone.

Our mission is to inspire people to learn and develop web technologies, help them master the basics of HTML and CSS, and provide access to relevant and useful information in this area. We are convinced that every person is capable of mastering web development, and we are ready to support everyone along this path.

Our materials are created with love and care for our readers. We strive to provide the most useful and interesting information about web development so that everyone who visits our site can find something valuable and useful here.

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Interactive lessons and assignments

Welcome to the interactive lessons and activities section of Orfadress! Here you will find a unique opportunity not just to read about web development, but to actively practice and deepen your knowledge.

Our lessons will allow you not only to learn new things about HTML and CSS, but also to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice. We offer a variety of interactive activities that will help you reinforce the material and improve your web development skills. Whether it's creating a simple web page, laying out a responsive design, or adding interesting effects using CSS, here you will find tasks for any level of complexity.

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